Trance music in the modern day has its roots in Germany, bands such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream have been influencial in trance music development. Inspired by the globalisation of house producers like Sven Vath have been credited with creating the modern day trance sound. It is also considered by some parties that Neil Young's album Trans was also an influencing factor. Goa in India has been a popular destination for fans and creators of psychedelic music since the 1960's. Before mixing electro dj's in Goa were busy spinning tunes by the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and the Doors. European and American EDM/Industrial artists such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and Front Line Assembly can be regarded as the influence behind today's Goa and psytrance music. Their electro inspired industrial beats turned the djs in Goa away from psychedelic rock towards a more electronic sound. Goa trance appeared in the UK in the early nineties with the popularisation of artists such as Man With No Name. A release of an LP project 2 trance by Dragonfly Records and subsequent Man With No Name remixes of the Killing Joke tracks Millennium and Pandemonium sent Goa trance briefly into the mainstream. Psytrance evolved out of Goa trance at the end of the nineties, by then Goa trance music was considered a commercial failure. Psytrance the successor of Goa trance is a darker more minimalistic sound with layers of samples as opposed to melodies. The trance music featured is a range of different dj mixes. The dj mixes feature trance music from the origins of the psytrance sound as well as progressive trance and modern contemporary Goa trance music.
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Psytrance, progressive trance and breaks in the mix.
Released: 11 Jun 2013
File Size: 128MB
Duration: 56:00

Trance Mix (Complete Mix) download Trance Mix (Complete Mix) tracklisting


Electric guitars and female vocals all feature with Goa and progressive trance in the mix.
Released: 21 Sep 2012
File Size: 53MB
Duration: 39:10

Goa Progressive Mix download Goa Progressive Mix tracklisting


Progressive trance is mixed with tribal trance, dubby basslines and minimal tech trance.
Released: 03 Aug 2012
File Size: 20MB
Duration: 17:56

Progressive Trance Mix download Progressive Trance Mix tracklisting


Vocals, electric guitars and long spoken samples all feature with trance and psytrance.
Released: 03 Aug 2012
File Size: 53MB
Duration: 28:24

Psytrance Mix (TY70 Remix) download Psytrance Mix (TY70 Remix) tracklisting


Psytrance is mixed with Goa melodies, electric guitars and progressive trance.
Released: 03 Aug 2012
File Size: 53MB
Duration: 38:45

Goa Trance Mix download Goa Trance Mix tracklisting