House music has its origins in Chicargo's African/American community. In the late seventies/early eighties Frankie Knuckles, one of house music pioneering djs started creating tracks with extended beats and minimalistic melodies. The house music of this time was a fusion of disco and Euro pop and was widely adopted by America's gay community. This bass driven sound with its roots in gospel, soul and funk spread through out urbanised America. Eventually corporate interest led to the house music sound becoming globalised. The house music of the modern day is a long way from the house sound created by early producers such as Larry Heard. It has evolved and mutated to become a number of different musical forms. Tech house started as a fusion of house and detroit techno. Tech house is one of the most minimal forms of house music. Electro house evolved out of tech house and its characterised by its distorted and dirty beats. Deep house is more percussive and less melodic than its predecessor house and tribal house expresses house music's globalisation by mixing house music with what can be coined world music. These house mixes illustrate the variety that house music has to offer. Tech house is in the mix with broken beat Jazz fusion, soul, progressive house and world music.
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African influences, soul and ghetto funk all give this mix a tribal house feel.
Released: 01 May 2013
File Size: 27MB
Duration: 14:43

Deep House Mix (TY70 Remix) download Deep House Mix (TY70 Remix) tracklisting


Atmospheric, minimal, vocal and melodic combinations of tech and progressive house.
Released: 29 Apr 2013
File Size: 38MB
Duration: 21:53

Tech House Mix (TY70 Remix) download Tech House Mix (TY70 Remix) tracklisting


An original combination of the house, breakbeat, progressive trance and dnb.
Released: 17 Dec 2012
File Size: 110MB
Duration: 48:10

Breakbeat House Mix download Breakbeat House Mix tracklisting


A mix expressing the diversity of house music.
Released: 03 Aug 2012
File Size: 20MB
Duration: 15:05

House Mix download House Mix tracklisting