Welcome to dj mixes, music and downloads. The dj mixes represent trance, house and broken beat sounds that have evolved out of the Chicago house movement, the European EDM/Industrial sound and the UK's progressive house and trance scenes. Tech house is in the mix with progressive house music, tribal house and broken beats. The trance music is primarily Goa trance and features progressive trance and psytrance in the mix. Read about Teatreeman, enjoy the music and subscribe to the newsletter for occasional mailouts.
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The electronic music featured here at dj mixes, music and downloads is in the form of a continuous dj mix; compiled and created by Teatreeman. The downloads are in a high quality mp3 format and come with complete tracklistings. Artists are always welcome to submit their music for inclusion in the dj mixes. An Australian band called the New Nobility Band have recently sent through a remix for inclusion in a new house mix. The band have an uplifting percussive trance sound with vocals and a guitar accompaniment. The youtube video opposite features progressive house music from Essex based label Yellow Brick Records. To hear more you can also subscribe to the Dj mixes,music and downloads podcast on itunes
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The new progressive house mix is about to be released. The mix is a deep minimal release with groovy basslines and lots of cool percussion. There are some new tracks and some old favourites in the mix. The tracklisting is as follows
1. Samuel Fach - Danger Blues
2. 2Up and Forza - Little Space
3. Guy J - Personal Haze(D Nox and Beckers Remix)
4. Human Truth Fnlv 8
5. Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble - Drumfire
6. Trilingo - Prebented
7. Code Therapy - Keep Running
8. ThereminGirl - Steps on The Line(Doyeq Remix)
9. System 7 and Son Kite - Chihiro (Roberta Bells Mix)
10.BitKit - Complete
11.Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World
The mix starts with a steady bpm of 125 and pitches up to 160 towards the end. I figure stepping up from house to goa and then to psybreaks and Drum and bass makes for a more entertaining mix than a single 'genered' set. All of this is probably going to change as ideas are becomming more spontaneous.
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Listen to an endless stream of quality progressive trance at Radio Progressive. For darker trance visit Qubenzis Psy Audio for psytrance downloads, t-shirts, beats and loops. If you want to check out broken beats, jazz fusion and electro house visit the website of one of our guest artists Dj Galactic. After something different then try monokrak Net label, they showcase labels and artists that want to create without having to be accomodated by any particular musical genre. If you have a website submit your link for review.

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