Free dj mixes featuring trance, progressive house and breaks. New free dj mixes are available. Psytrance, progressive trance and electro in the mix. Free dj mixes featuring deep and progressive house with breaks are in the process of being recorded. Guest artists Corey Biggs and Thorsten Hammer have a house mix featured. Drum and Bass producer Ian Halsall is happy to have his music featured in future free dj mixes. Check out the iTunes link to hear his new single Bounce.

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Corey Bigg's new mix is taken from Music is the Drug radio. An eclectric mix of laid back house beats and grooves. In his own words 'Music is the drug radio with 'Corey Biggs' affects people intimately, person to person, offering a world of unspoken communication between writer-speaker and the listener. A private experience.'. Scarlett Red has consented to have a video of her new single featuring progressive and atmospheric house sounds included. She is currently on tour of the US. A conversation with Ian Halsall has led to an agreement for some of his new dubstep sounds to be added to an upcoming Drum and Bass Mix. Mauro Rubio a dj from Argentina has requested for his new live deep house set to be featured so here it is.


... Ozga Music features quality melodic and progressive trance with some vocal arrangements. The site features free trance audio streams from the new album. Interesting electronica with subtle arrangements. Just had a chat with house producer Stix DeMuschamp on Twitter about getting some promo material for the new mix. The artist seems interested. There are two new progressive house tunes by Stix available on Juno Download. I remember listening to Everything by Vast Vision on the FSOE’s Trance Annual 2009. Now with Armada Music backing FSOE the label is going from strength to strength. New releases from the trance label still feature the same progressive melodic trance sound. The new mix is still being recorded. I am looking forward to rebuilding and redesigning the sites projection. The mix now includes a track called Human Truth by Chris Lum. Can be found as a free download on SoundCloud.
Author: Teatreeman


... Still working on the new house mix. Downloads from Soundcloud and searching through netlabel websites has led to more material being unearthed. Danger Blues by Samual Fach is a free download from the artists music page on Twitter. Blues guitar riffs and groovy percussive beats makes Danger Blues a quality free download house track. Threre are more great vibes from the Floating Mind courtesy MonoKrak and new sounds from the new Dj Galactic album. The electro house tracks Cosmos and Lights will be added to the mix. In a brief interview the Dj and producer commented. "I m trying to re order all what have been done. Many things have been done here live on youtube as I use this channel as lab to do what ever I like.. But I'm preparing 4-5 new EP with 2-3 songs that are going to be released I hope end 2014. I work on that for 2 years, and this music has never been broadcasted on my music channels." The tracklistinhg for the new mix will be announced shortly.
Author: Teatreeman


The free dj mixes features both trance and house music. The free dj mixes have a diverse range of musical influences. In many instances the free dj mixes feature music that is open to the development of derivative works without their being a licensing fee. Thanks go to Modiba Productions, Aardvark Records, Glyn Bush, Eat Static, Comet Records, Ticon, Vibrasphere, Ubiquity Records, NeoGoa, P.O.R.N, Feel Good Productions, Duke, TCR, Galactic and G Stone Records for the licensed works. Whilst Miga, BlocSonic, MonoKrak, PromoDj and the Ektoplazm Music Portal.